The Teamwork Chronicles
and The Power of We
Teamwork solutions for workplace problems

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Subject: Teamwork and the workplace
Format: Trade Paperback
Distributor: Greenleaf Book Group
2nd Printing: March, 2004
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" with 160 pages
Price: $12.95
Author: Steven H. Carney
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Now You Can Solve Your Workplace Headaches!

I’ll give you the tools you need to be more successful

Dear Employees and Managers:

Are you frustrated and unhappy at work? Are your team members suffering from low morale and a lack of teamwork? Is your boss is too busy to listen to your concerns and your co-workers too afraid to speak up?

Surveys show that many workplaces have high stress, low job satisfaction, and high turnover. In fact, job satisfaction has been falling for 9 years! Back stabbing, scapegoating and one-upsmanship are also common, along with power games, gripes, and conflicts. You’ve seen this stuff.

If you’re in healthcare, education, government, retail, hotel, restaurant, manufacturing, technology, construction, legal, accounting, or other industry, you’ll love this book! Employees and managers from these places responded to a survey I did.

One key finding: 80% of the respondents thought teamwork needed to be increased!

Is it possible to have a more positive, less stressful workplace with greater teamwork and cooperation from everyone? Yes!


Your Vision

Your vision was for a workplace where your boss treated you well, where people worked together to fix problems, and where you could make a difference.

You envisioned a job where your input was valued, where you were appreciated for a job well done (only 35% of employees are thanked for their hard work). You wanted a place where you had good opportunities for advancement.

What happened? Your boss didn’t tell you that he or she was a bossy, unfair person who cared little for your input. Your co-workers didn’t tell you they were trying to get ahead at your expense.

Now what? The Teamwork Chronicles, a book that will help you feel empowered again.


Here’s What I’ll Give You:

  1. I’ll explain why some bosses behave badly—and why it has little to do with you or work issues.

  2. I’ll give you examples of common teams and problems so you can identify where your team falls, in terms of teamwork and performance.

  3. I’ll give you 4 critical teamwork principles that are the building blocks of successful teams and teamwork. You won’t have to guess about those again! You’ll know!

  4. I’ll give you reasons why the “we” identity is so powerful for real team spirit.

  5. I’ll give you a whole chapter of phrases to help you overcome your fear of raising gripes and concerns. I’ll also give you the key steps you need to solve gripes and conflicts without confrontation so they can be solved effectively!

And that’s just the beginning! I was a very team-oriented manager for many years. Then I returned to the workforce like so many people, and I ended up working in lots of dysfunctional workplaces. It was maddening to see the dumb things that happened! It was also obvious that most people didn’t know how to do things effectively! Since I’ve written the book, I’ve also written lots of articles, had many radio interviews, and been quoted in newspapers and magazines around the country. I’m trying to make a difference just like you are.


Stories and Anecdotes Galore

  1. I’ll give you real-world stories so you get the inside scoop on what happens and why. You’ll understand why things go wrong and to avoid similar problems in the future.

  2. I’ll give you critical insights about managers and bosses—what makes a good one and how you can be a great manager someday whether you are one now or not.

  3. Then I’ll give you the critical leadership qualities you need to be respected and admired in your workplace whether you’re an employee or a manager.

  4. I’ll also give you the most important guidelines to follow for you and your team. I’ll cover other important skills to really make your workplace a great one. Yes, you can make a difference, whether you’re an employee or a manager!


What If?

I’ll give you a chapter of “What If” scenarios where I outline common teamwork and team problems. I’ll give you specific “Things to Say” and Things to Do” so you’ll have the answers you need. For example, what if a team member is uncooperative, what if a team member tries to dominate the team, what if a boss or manager behaves inappropriately, etc.

I’ll also give you great tips and tools to improve your performance on a routine basis. You’ll see how easy it can be. Watch your job and career improve as you follow these useful tips.

Closing Chapter

The closing chapter lets you observe a mountain climb with a Peak Performance Team. You’ll watch this fantastic team climb Blue Sky Peak. Flower-covered meadows, blue skies, fresh air, and the story of a Peak Performance Team will leave you inspired!

The best part is, you’ll be able to use the tips and tools from this book in a matter of days. Most people can finish the book in about a week so you can make a difference for yourself and others!


Another Secret

As you read this book and absorb the easily presented information, you’ll be able to use these teamwork approaches and tips in all your relationships—family, friends, partners, spouses, everyone. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference you can make!


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