The Teamwork Chronicles
and The Power of We
Teamwork solutions for workplace problems

The illustration on the left is taken from The Teamwork Chronicles book. It shows how teams of teams can create a more successful, team-oriented, high-functioning workplace.

Improving the teamwork in your company will result in better relationships, job satisfaction, and performance. Below are several short articles based on The Teamwork Chronicles book. Click on the title to open the article.

Articles and Surveys

Is Your Workplace Getting You Down?
Try teamwork and the power of we

Are problems like low morale, high stress, back stabbing, and conflict common in your workplace? You need more teamwork! Often assumed and rarely taught, teamwork is the foundation of any high-functioning workplace. And one critical part of teamwork and team identity is the power of two simple letters: w e. (Read more)

Gripes and Conflicts Got You Frustrated?
Try these 5 steps to resolve your problems

How comfortable are you, your co-workers, or your friends at expressing concerns and solving problems? Some people avoid raising legitimate concerns because they fear a confrontation. However, relaying genuine concerns doesn’t have to be a confrontation. (Read more)

National Workplace Surveys
Surprising responses about stress, satisfaction, turnover, and teamwork

What Qualities Make a True Leader?
3 leadership myths that ruin trust

The US Unemployment Rate: Fact or Fiction?
The rate is made to look better than it is

(Here is an article on employee perks that quoted me several times)
Perks with a Purpose: Thanks to deliriously happy (and productive) employees,
Perceptive Software grew sales 66% last year

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