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Does your workplace have high stress and low job satisfaction? Do you have back-stabbing, one-ups-manship, or verbal abuse? Does high turnover disrupt teamwork and morale? We have the answers you need! Explore our site for ways to solve your workplace problems and improve your workplace morale and performance!

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Book Reviews and Quotes from Workplace Experts:

The Teamwork Chronicles by Steven H. Carney is a business book filled from cover to cover with a wealth of tips, tricks, and techniques for motivating teamwork in one's company; putting a halt to endless in-house power games and squabbles; and handling inevitable office conflicts professionally. Drawing upon real life cases, The Teamwork Chronicles is a valuable and recommended asset to improving the overall quantity and quality of employee interaction and results.”
  —Reviewer: Midwest Book Review: 5 Stars

The Teamwork Chronicles by Steven H. Carney ($12.95, Greenleaf Book Group) draws on the author’s experience with various teams and companies. He has written a book on how to avoid a workplace culture defined by too much conflict, devaluation, and abuse. This is a book about problem solving and problem avoidance. It is filled with excellent advice and insights.”

The Teamwork Chronicles provides sound advice for anyone who wants to build teamwork in the workplace.”
  —Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager ©

“I enjoyed your book, The Teamwork Chronicles. Filled with guidelines and examples, those who aspire to build teamwork should regard the book’s easy-to-read chapters as indispensable instruction.”
  —Dr. Harvey A. Hornstein, author of The Haves and Have Nots/The Abuse of Power and Privilege in the Workplace and How to Control it

The Teamwork Chronicles is great at describing effective team behaviors and the role managers play in creating a true team culture. A must read.”
  —Mary Rau-Foster RN JD, author of Work Is Not Just A Daycare Program For Adults

The Teamwork Chronicles is a refreshing entry—it’s got viable solutions to sticky situations—with team members and managers. It’s highly readable and a win-win for any team or workplace.”
  —Dr. Judith Briles, author of Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace

“Steve Carney’s grassroots workplace savvy makes The Teamwork Chronicles worth buying.”
  —Dr. William L. Gorden, Ask The Workplace Doctor’s website

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